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Social Media

Keeping it fresh, authentic and on-brand.

Social media is the best way to hype up your audience leading up to the show.

ASN Instagram Stats for 2022:

Accounts Reached Organically: 90 Million

Organic Views on Instagram Reels

100,000 - 500,000+ Views

  • 70 Reels Over 100,000 Views
  • 15+ Reels Over 500,000 Views

1 Million to 10+ Million Views

  • 15 Reels Over 1 Million Views
  • 2 Reels Over 5 Million Views
  • 3 Reels Over 10 Million Views

30 Million to 50+ Million Views

  • 1 Reel Over 30 Million Views
  • 1 Reel Over 50 Million Views

Going Viral

Blue Angels Solo Pilot Sneak Pass at Great State of Maine Air Show

The Sneak Pass Watched Around the World

In February 2022, the sneak pass filmed by ASN staff went viral on Instagram gaining over 50 Million views in three weeks time.

The clip, filmed at The Great State of Maine Air Show in September 2021, shows Blue Angel # 5 LCDR Cary "Chewy" Rickoff flying the Sneak Pass maneuver. The moisture in the air combined with the speed of the jet created a vapor cone around the jet.

Watch the Reel Here!

Why Military and Civilian Clients choose us.


Marketing and Advertising

Rely on ASN's in-house management for Social Media advertisement, Traditional Media, podcasts, print, ASN does it all!

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Full Concessions Operations

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Air Show Network VIP Experience℠

Top tier hospitality to compliment high quality entertainment.

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Full Event Production

Full Event Production: Turnkey operations both Military and Civilian.

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Blue Angels jets over Air Show Network merchandise tent


Air Show Network has the largest assortment of officially licensed USAF Thunderbirds and USN Blue Angels merchandise.

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Public Relations

ASN provides top tier professional services to engage Local and National media to highlight the air show and the Military and Civilian performers.

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Taking events to the next level with prestigious brands.

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